darkness and light

We observe the winter solstice in many ways. Palmer Church offers a Longest Night Service on December 21st, an acknowledgment of the darkest day and the darkness in our lives. We have the opportunity to lay our cares on God and discover that we are not alone in our sadness during this season of celebration.

At the opposite end of the spectrum we find the loud and lively Lights in the Heights. Houston Heights bungalows and Victorians are transformed into a wonderland of lights and garlands. You can’t miss the towering palms wrapped in red and white twinkle lights, the booming front porch bands and the blue lights of Hanukkah. Private parties spill out onto the streets and a thousand celebrants, some after too much Christmas punch, mingle with antlered dogs and children riding in wagons strung with lights. Here are a few images from the December 10th 2011 celebration.

(PS: as we idled in stand-still traffic on our way to the Heights, I studied the back of the Honda Element in front of us. The license plate was Texas, but the plate frame read “Motorcars Honda, Cleveland Heights.” A sweet reminder of another home in the Heights, old friends, and holidays past.)

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2 Responses to darkness and light

  1. Betty Kondrich says:

    Kathy, I love the pictures that you use to illustrate each of your pieces.

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