Modern Home Tour/Austin

Like Houston, Austin boasts an eclectic housing stock. The 2012 realtor and builder-driven modern home tour featured 15 moderns including a couple of remodeled mid-centuries and many new (or recent) builds. We spent Saturday gathering ideas for future projects as we toured our favorite city.

Part I

2210 Eastside Drive

Loved the driveway, not so much the house. Hence, few photos.

609 West Live Oak — green, SoCo living. One of many with concrete floors.

The layout is similar to many contemporary lofts — wide open living space.

We spent a lot of time in many of these houses looking at storage ideas for books!

701 Elizabeth

A wall of concrete faces a visually messy street (not including the lovely little green ranch next door), but inside the owner enjoys hidden courtyards, including a view from the office to a recycled water feature that is hidden just behind this wall.

Again, loft-like living/eating/cooking spaces (no walls) … and happy bookshelves.

Too many ideas for sinks. More to follow.

2011 Peachtree

This one is just 1600 sq. feet (most were larger), in the Zilker neighborhood.

Drought resistant grass with xeriscaping.

I need to go back and reread my post on downsizing and living responsibly and remember what I’m all about — because I could be really happy with this kitchen.

2903 Wade Avenue

A 1964 house, remodeled in 2007, 4000 sq. feet and with a price of 1.5 million

The entry was the loveliest part of the house, and most reflected the mid-century character. The rest was filled with odd bits of stone wall and choppy room design. However, we did find one lovely powder room sink for a future Jones home:

See Part II (a future post) for four more houses!

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