Modern Home Tour/Austin. Part II.

Part II of Saturday’s modern home tour in Austin, Texas.

4502 Balcones

This was the most spectacular home on the tour, and included many green features including solar panels, window walls that opened rooms entirely to the outside, and rainwater collection with drip irrigation for the property and garden.

Two main living areas open to the outside — above, to a deck, and below, to the yard.

Door-like accordion windows open the entire room to the backyard.

More stunning sinks, this time concrete. And some spectacular outside space, below. Not shown, a vast vegetable garden hidden behind deer-proof fencing.

Not to mention some great book shelf/storage ideas that we want to copy:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3103 Highland Terrace

Another mid-century remodel,  a north side property with massive live oaks.The removal of walls opened up the living/dining/kitchen while still maintaining some separation of functions.

Artist/designer resident influence was everywhere, including the bathroom which included a (cotton ball) container filled with matchbox cars and a planter pocket at the side of the sink filled with colorful marbles.Or are they gumballs?

Part III, our favorite house, coming up next.

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