A post-Valentine treat

A small indulgence can make a big difference. So say the folks at Houston’s Sweet Charity Desserts. Their mission is to bake high quality desserts while creating jobs for the Butter Pecan Streusel and Spiceunemployed. So when you finish your Valentine chocolates, consider purchasing a rich pound cake from an enterprise that strives to make a difference in the world.

Sweet Charity employs clients of Palmer’s Way Station ministry, a feeding and service program for Houston’s poor. Many of these folks — homeless, disabled, sometimes illiterate – are unable for a variety of reasons to hold down traditional jobs. Employers often hesitate to hire them. 

Professionally trained and certified pastry chef, Karen Redford, and co-founders John Redford and Greg Hambrick strive to not only provide exquisite pastries to the market, but to mentor Sweet Charity’s staff in ways that will have long term benefit not just to the individual but to the community at large.

Consider sending a cake for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Or buy a cake for an office birthday, or a dozen or more baby pound cakes for an event.

The more they sell, the closer they are to hiring another of Houston’s unemployed and disadvantaged. You’ll not only get to indulge in a rich dessert, but you’ll feel good about doing it!

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