Empty Chapel (Ash Wednesday)

Where is the bride?
Does she come across the wild waves
on the b
ack of sea turtles,
suited surfers her groomsmen?

Who will be her witness
on this empty beach?

Who will cry out “we will
in the rhythm of
wave upon wave upon wave?

Will she return to the sea,
her “I do” drowned in the deadly thunder?

The wine is spilled, the
bread untouched.

Leftovers, to feed the hungry.

And in the dawn, we whisper
we will.

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2 Responses to Empty Chapel (Ash Wednesday)

  1. Betty Kondrich says:

    Did you write this, Kathy? Oh my, it’s wonderful. I love the imagery and the unique description of Ash Wed. Gives me pause. And your photos are wonderful too.

    • I did, Betty. And thanks! This is actually one of the poems I wrote while at the Image seminar with Kathleen Norris in Hawaii. I was just getting back to writing at that time. She challenged us to think of times that we were moved by worship, liturgy. (The seminar was about acedia (discouragement/boredom).) I started thinking about the Maundy Thursday liturgy. It was my first service ever in the Episcopal Church. I started writing with two poems about Maundy Thursday. I’ll post those soon. Then this one came. (By the way, happy Lent!)

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