Doing Well; Doing Good

Ask the Soulsbys of Hudson Ohio how they are doing, and I bet they will tell you they are doing quite well, thank you. I say they are also doing good. I stumbled upon their tremendous blog this morning: “The Soulsby Farm (A Very Small Farm).”  Dan, Mindy, Zoey & Jake tend this small farm in the beautiful countryside just outside Cleveland. They left a good life in Hollywood behind, to come back home to grow a new life on a sustainable farm and to influence others for good in oh so many ways. And since baby  Zoey was born in 2011, and Jake is a only very small dog, I would imagine the hard work falls mostly to Dan and Mindy.

They write this about the origin of the farm: “The Soulsby Farm started the way most small farms do…. a dream to get back to the country and grow vegetables and herbs and raise chickens the way nature intended; through a partnership with the earth and a deep respect for animals.   We believe in sustainable farming.  Everything on the farm is grown through organic means; the farm doesn’t believe in GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) and grows only from heirloom seeds and plants. No chemicals (fertilizers, pest control, etc…) are ever used on the farm.”

But it was not enough to do well for their family. Their vision extends beyond the farm. In 2010, they established the nonprofit Project Garden Share, to teach others about food resources and to provide fresh food for those in need. If you are willing to share your harvest with local food banks, they will provide extra seeds or seedlings. If you like, they will even plant a garden on your land, which you can then tend and donate the harvested veggies. You can help them tend their own farm, or they can direct you to other community garden projects that need your help. And most of all, you can catch their vision of sustainable, healthy agriculture that fills hungry stomachs and sustains life in the best of all possible ways. Want to join them in their work?

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