Home is where…

…the dogs are.

We’ve arrived in Louisville, unsettled, in temporary quarters with rented furnishings, but somehow still at home. Shelby and Jack make it so.


On the road, in a rented van large enough to hold all the necessary dog paraphernalia:

Louisville. The apartment may be temporary, but it already feels like home:

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2 Responses to Home is where…

  1. amobley says:

    Somehow I knew that the ellipsis in your title was leading to the dogs! Family can make anywhere feel like home.

    • I know! I felt like I should say
      where the friends are
      where the church home is
      where the family is.
      But then, Jack and Shel are our family. And friends, church and work are still in the works. I’m just glad the dogs are portable.

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