A Louisville Tradition

The Hot Brown. Don’t know what that is? You’re not from Louisville, are you?

Last Saturday, after a quick look at three of the homes on the Homebuilder’s Tour of Remodeled Homes (including the place just up the hill with chickens we can see from our back windows), we drove into NuLu to find a gift for teenage niece Julianne. The Flea on Market was just shutting down, but we stopped by one of my favorite “buy local” shops, Gifthorse, and found a contemporary necklace on a leather band and a brass horse pin, perfect for the Chicago city girl turned Montana horse wrangler.

Took a walk through Fourth Street Live, a partially covered, Vegas-vibe block of mostly chain establishments and a couple of live music and comedy venues. A place to leave to tourists and young people determined to drink the night away. But I hear it’s a good lunch spot, for those in the surrounding office towers.

We headed for the more refined Brown Hotel’s English Grill. The Brown was built in 1923, though for a period during the 70s it served as a building for the Louisville Board of Education. In the early 1980s it was restored to its former glory, including the hand-painted plaster ceilings.

On the menu:

The Hot Brown, a Louisville tradition since 1926: roasted turkey breast and toast points covered with Mornay sauce, pecorino Romano cheese, baked golden brown and finished with bacon and tomatoes.

Fred ordered the artery clogging dish and found it satisfying, but no more so than the traditional hot turkey sandwich of our childhood. Still, it’s one to check off the new home town discovery list.

Next: Churchill Downs or the Louisville Slugger tour? What other Louisville traditions wait to be discovered?

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