art show finds

Saturday morning, bright and early, we ventured into Old Louisville to the St. James Court Art Show. The show, founded in 1957 by the local neighborhood association, showcases the work of more than 700 artists, and was voted best in the nation by artists polled by a national trade journal. We pulled our fleece jackets tight in the 40 degree weather, passed by the Graeter’s ice cream concession, and started our holiday shopping early. Here’s a small sample of what we found:

Blank books from Re-Imagined by Melissa Oesc. Along with these upcycled book covers, Melissa also offers hand-bound acid-free journals of all sizes, coffee bag books with burlap covers, and book necklaces for the student or teacher/librarian in your life. Costly but lovely.

Jerry Krider, CLaywood Creations, doesn’t have a website. This retired scientist spends most of his time in his studio in Indiana, carving intricate animal puzzles and nativity scenes. He works with a variety of exotic and domestic woods and enjoys finding the right match for his puzzles and sculptures. We found this piece for niece Julianne who loves animals and wants to be a vet.

Finally, check out Romy and Clare Designs. (They sell on Etsy.) Their black and green pear pottery is stunning. But the tile art caught our attention and that’s what came home with us. They offer tiles of all sizes framed, mounted on pieces of architectural molding, and unadorned (with wood blocks attached to the back for hanging.) It’s a pleasure to support these two women who are childhood friends, working mothers, and gifted artists.

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One Response to art show finds

  1. amobley says:

    The dog puzzle is so cute! Wish Mr. Krider had a website. All lovely finds!

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