Like a prayer

This post is for baby Eli.

Elijah Roger:IMG_0188 firstborn of Betsy, a young friend who has battled a brain tumor since she was ten – born via C-section, to reduce stress and the chance of complication – welcomed to this world by loving parents, grandparents and a universe of friends – facing serious surgery before he’s even two weeks old.

On Eli’s birth day, I said to Fred, “we should pray for Eli and Betsy.” We pray for ourselves and others each night at the dinner table. I’m not sure that we affect God’s action in the world, but I’m convinced our prayers affect action in our hearts. Nevertheless, our prayers are short and to the point.

Fred suggested, “we should delegate our prayers.”  Others are better at it than we are. Let’s ask them to pray for Eli. We give money to worthy causes. We lend a hand. And when we can’t pray, or when it feels insufficient, we write. Sometimes the writing – both the act and the result – becomes our prayer.

This post is my prayer for baby Eli. I wish the world was more welcoming to you, little one. Love is all you need – and sometimes it’s all you get.

Hold on tight, Eli. I hope you have a long and amazing ride.

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One Response to Like a prayer

  1. ginger says:

    Well written, Kathy! Thank you.

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