About me

I can lose myself in writing. Reading. Traveling. Plus there are the rescue dogs (right now, Shelby (rest in peace little Shel) Dory and Jack), a wonderful husband and friends far and wide. I’ve lived in nine ten states, some of them more than once. New Jersey embodies childhood and DC welcomes me home. One day I hope to land again (for good?) in the Pacific Northwest.

I’ve worked in the nonprofit sector for more than twenty years, recently as an archivist at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. I am now a fundraiser/office manager at Hosparus (a regional hospice provider) in Louisville, KY. My favorite movie is Magnolia, and I can’t name a favorite book, there are so many. (See my reading list in this blog.) I never shy away from a discussion about politics. Fun fact: I sang at the White House one Christmas with a neighborhood madrigal group.

But enough about me. Let me tell you where the blog title comes from. Jim Nutter, Rector at Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church in Houston, likes to say that God is not about drawing lines in the sand but rather about drawing circles around all God’s children. I tend to agree.


5 Responses to About me

  1. literary lew says:

    Nice “about”. Keep on truckin’.

  2. Kelly Sauer says:

    Your conclusion, letting someone else be in control, surrendering to the sky – I don’t think I ever realized that is why I want to fly. What a thought!

  3. Erica E. James says:

    Kathryn –

    I found this about Isadore and love it. I hope you are well.

    Erica James

  4. Thanks for posting Father Nutter’s piece of wisdom. I am writing my dissertation (finishing in January 2013) on Congregational Identity of Palmer Church and that “drawing circle around God’s children” is part of it. (I found your piece in Fred’s Facebook entry today. Some Palmers are “friends.”) Again, thank you for the thoughtful piece. I pray for your comfort and peace at this time.
    We have also rescued a beautiful Spaniel mix which we named Zhanna, Arabic for heaven. She has given us so much joy.
    BTW Ron and i have enjoyed your hospitality in Palmer’s first Faith Alive. Best,
    Gregoria Smith

    • Gregoria, thank you so much! Your dissertation topic sounds fascinating.
      All the best with beautiful Zhanna and at Palmer. We will always treasure our time there and, I hope, always seek to draw circles.

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